Friday, August 5, 2011

Revenge of the Fallen Ghost - Compiled Version

-Part 1-

5 years later...

Cellphone numbers of dead boy and girl were given to other persons. One boy named Rohith got the girls number. One day night 12'o clock his cell rang.

-Part 2-

After so many rings he attended the call.

Boy in cell: Neha... I love u.
Rohit: Stupid. Who is this? I'm not Neha idiot.

Then he cut the call and fell back to sleep.

-Part 3-

Again call came from the same number. But he put the cell in silent and slept.

The next day morning, when he saw his cell, he was shocked. Some 50 calls and 100 msgs from that same no.

Message - "Neha... I love u"

He told about this to his friend. Both found out the number. That belonged to a girl who is also studying in their college.

-Part 4-

Rohit planned to ask about the calls and messages to that girl. But when he met her, she started scolding him for sending messages like "I love you too" and calls.

Rohit: Wait you only sending messages and speaking like a boy.

He showed the messages. She also showed her messages. Both were shocked because neither he or she was sending the messages. They planned to turn off the cell after 12'o clock.

But even after turning it off Rohit's cell rang...

-Part 5-

He was shocked by the ringing sound and that also was from that girl's number. He attended the call.

Rohith - Hello...?
Boy's voice - Don't you dare to switch off the cell again. OK?
Rohith - Who are you?
Boy in cell - peep... peep... call was disconnected.

Rohith removed the battery and waited for some time. No other call came. He went back to sleep.

-Part 6-

In the morning when the girl switched on her cell, she also was shocked to see many calls and messages from Rohith's number. Her inbox message read "please... call me". And at the same time message in Rohith's inbox read "please wait dear... i will call u tomorrow".

Both of them met and talked about that and decided to change the numbers.

-Part 7-

The girl was waiting to cross the road to go to mobile shop with the mobile in hand.

While crossing, suddenly the cell rang. And because of the shock, she dropped the cell in the middle of the road. She bent down and took the cell. And when she looked up to raise, she froze... One car was moving towards her fast...

-Part 8-

She didn't know what to do. She simply stood there watching the car leaping towards her.

Suddenly someone grasped her hand and pulled her to the side. When she realized that she was safe, she saw Rohith standing beside her and holding her hand.

Rohith - Are you alright?
Girl - Mm... I'm alright.
Rohith - Shall we have some coffee? We need to talk about the number change.
Girl - Ok.

-Part 9-

In coffee shop:

Rohith - After class I received a call from your number. The boy asked not to change the numbers. He and his girl friend wanted to speak. But they got the chance now only, after they died 5 years ago.
Girl - What?!... So you're telling that a ghost is speaking to you! And I have to believe this?
Rohith - Ah...Yes. You have to believe. He only tried to kill you because you were going to change the number.
Girl - No... No... I can't believe you. I'm going... (She stood up from the chair...)

-Part 10-

When she got up from the chair, again her cell rang. That call came from Rohith number. But his cell was on the table and he was not even touching the phone. She saw it with shock and attended the call.

Girl - He...Hello?
Girl voice in cell - Hai Sumathi, how are you?
Girl (Sumathi) - Who are you? How do you know my name?
Girl in cell - Please Sumathi cool down. First you sit.

Sumathi looked here and there to see if any body was seeing her, thinking how the girl in cell knew she was standing? And then she sat down.

-Part 11-

Rohith also saw her with puzzle.

Girl in cell - I'm Neha. Me and my boyfriend want to speak. Believe us; don't change the number.

Sumathi cut the call.

Sumathi - Listen Rohith. I can't believe you or your drama. I'm going to change the number but not today. So don't disturb me again. Goodbye.
Rohith - No...! Sumathi! please...

She left him alone in the table and went home. He sat there and thought about ways to prove to her that that was true and not a drama. And though what will happen to her if she again tried to change the number.

-Part 12-

That day night Rohith called Sumathi. But she didn't attend the call. After several attempts she attended the call and gave the phone to her father.

Rohith - Hi Sumathi, please don't change the number. If you go to change it, surely he will kill you.
Sum's father - Shut up idiot. Nobody can touch my daughter.
Rohi - Ah...Uncle please, at least you believe me. I will explain everything. The ghost...

Father cut the call. Again he tried. But the reply was "Switched off".

-Part 13-

The next day without her knowledge Rohith followed her even without going to his class.

At the evening after college Sumathy went to one beauty parlor. So he waited in the opposite side of the road, in front of the parlor. At that time one call came for him.

After speaking with that caller he became tensed. He tried for Sumathi's number. But the reply was, "This number is not in use".

When she came out, she saw Rohith standing and seeing her from the opposite side. She searched for a one rupee coin phone. She found one two shops next to that parlor. She walked towards the phone...

-Part 14-

Rohith called her from the opposite side. But she didn't hear him. So he decided to cross the road to reach her.

Sumathi was very close to that phone. While crossing the road Rohith shouted, "Sumathi...! Don't touch the phone". Before touching the receiver, she turned back and cried, "No...!". Because Rohith was hit by a car and was thrown in the air.

The next second some other guy took the receiver and a bomb blasted. Now she also was thrown in the air.

-Part 15-

After Sumathy came to consciousness she asked about Rohith. Nobody was telling anything about him. She asked her father to get the number back. But he had already got the number back. So he gave the cell to her.

She searched for any messages from Rohith's number. Nothing was there. When she was going to call him, her fater told...

-Part 16-

Her Father - Don't call Rohith. Yesterday his father showed Rohith's cell. I saw messages from your number. I think he also is innocent. Somebody is playing with you both. I complained about this to police. So it is better not to call from your number.
Sumathi - Ok Daddy. What about Rohith? Is he alright?
Father - Yes. But he is in coma. Yesterday some 2 mins he got his consciousness. At that time only he asked his father to show the messages to me.
Sumathi - I want to see him.
Father - No. You can't...

-Part 17-

Father - No. You can't meet him now. He is in ICU. You also need some rest now. We will meet him sometime later.

Half-heartedly she agreed to her father.

At 1'o clock at night, in ICU room, Rohith was on bed. He looked like he was in deep sleep. Near to him one nurse was sleeping in her chair. Two whitish airy images were coming towards his bed...

-Part 18-

The two images:

Neha - Raj I asked you from the first itself to leave them alone. Now look, because of you only he is in this state.
Raj - Don't you know Neha...? I didn't do anything to them. I just scared them. When I knew that there was a  bomb, I really tried to help them. Because of that only I called Rohith and informed it. But I didn't expect that an accident would happen.
Neha - That is ok. But if you had not scared him, he wouldn't have come there in the first place.
Raj - OK OK. Now what do you want to do?

-Part 19-

Next day morning:

Sumathi was very happy to see a message from Rohith in her inbox. But when she read...

The message - Hi Sumathi. I'm Neha. Sorry for all. When we got a chance again to speak and message, we forgot to think about you both. Now you two have suffered a lot because of us. Once again sorry. We're leaving. We won't disturb you again. And THANKS  for the chance.

After reading she felt sorry for the ghosts and she wanted to tell them that she won't change the number.

But how...?

-Part 20-

3 years later, on 1st January, 2012, in one coffee shop:

Sumathi - Hi Rohith! How are you?
Rohith - I'm fine. Please stop sending thanks messages to Neha. Now they are not in our cellphones.
Sumathi - But because of them only I'm alive now. Somehow I want to thank them. So only I'm sending messages.
Rohith - For thanking them I got another idea.
Sumathi - What idea?!

-Part 21-

Rohith - They died on 29th Feb 2004. Even they're dead, their love is still living. So to thank them why don't we arrange our marriages on 29th Feb of 2012?
Sumathi - Ok. Nice idea. But how can I select my husband within 2 months?

Rohith - If you don't mind, will you marry me...?

Both got married on 29th Feb of 2012.


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